The resident (2018) - 04 - The Resident S03E04 Belief System

44 MINAdded: 14.10.2019

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Yianna - Schumi -  Monika

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Ένας ασθενής Λάζαρος, μία διχασμένη προσωπικότητα και μία στοιχειωμένη πόλη. Με αυτά ασχολείται το σημερινό Ρέζιτεντ επεισόδιο.

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The Resident: Belief System  2640min | Drama | 15 October 2019 Summary: Conrad doubts Devon's judgement when a patient who was pronounced dead suddenly revives; Cain and Nic butt heads over the care of a white supremacist; The Raptor and Mina uncover new information about Red Rock Medical.
Countries: USALanguages: English

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